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System of priorities

Principle necessities of a person  Psychologists have a system of priorities, which is a series of goals that help to realize personality of a person. After one studies this set of goals, it is easy to grasp the main reason of infertility among many couples, bad state of health, depression, low level of wealth and […]

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Energy and emotional shell of a person

International Institute of Social Ecology in its research of new field Infosomatics identifies a human through physics of higher planes. The Institute also conducts research of energy informational processes and interaction between energy shells of a person. The topic of was touched upon in one of the previous articles. There are three more energy shells […]

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Human aura and aura reading devices

Each person has a physical body as well as an energy shell – energy field or human aura. It is formed due to energy-informational emission of energy centers, organs and body systems.  Human brain and signals that are coming from it through biologically active points (energy meridians used in acupuncture) also take part in creating […]

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Human Brain

Each person with a brain has functional brain zones. Each brain zone has a certain location in regards to the center (center of gravity, the third eye). These brain zones become active according to a type of activity the person is involved in. Location of brain zones according to D’Urville. In 1904, these brain zones […]

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